Which Is The Best Pod Espresso Machine?

They are unique in their own way

When it comes to pod espresso machines, it is usually said that they don’t have an impressive reputation, but as a Pod Espresso maker owner and a person who does not have much time in their hands every morning, I can say that they are worthy of praise. Sure the quality and taste of the coffee doesn’t match those large, tanky barista espresso machines with millions of functions and high quality components, but they are unique in their own way. So, if you prefer to spend a little on each coffee than to buy a big espresso maker that will cost you hundreds of dollars altogether, then you are in the right place! This article states the best pod espresso maker for people who are too busy to brew and make their own coffee. So, my opinion is that the best machine that uses the pod functionality is the “Krups Nespresso Prodigio”!

The Krups Nespresso Prodigio:

Krups Nespresso Prodigio

Although the name of the manufacturers is never heard, this machine made by them is currently stated as the best buy on many online stores, and is the most famous pod espresso maker currently trending in the market. It is efficient, fast and is pretty affordable for a student or office worker.

The best thing about this machine is that it is Nespresso’s first ever connected machine, and by connected, I mean digitally connected. Just fill the pods and water tank once in a week, and when you wake up every morning, you just tell the coffee maker to start brewing with one single tap. You can use the Nespresso app anywhere, whether you are coming home from your office or simply slacking off in the bedroom. The app also alerts you when you are low on pods and if the machine needs maintenance or cleaning. That’s an impressive feat by Nespresso as this sort of technology never came in the market before.

The main thing to criticize is the absence of the integrated milk frother. It is listed as an optional extra which costs more money, so if you are looking for a machine with one to save your money, you best leave and research somewhere else.

So, the final verdict is that the coffee result is the best and sets a bar between itself and other pod coffee makers, so if you are looking for a decent coffee maker which doesn’t cost a fortune, then this machine is bound to be bought by you.

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