Best Knives : Knives You Need In Your Kitchen

We all love cooking; at least I know I do. Even if you don’t love cooking, I am very sure you do love food.

I mean, who doesn’t, right? For those of us who love cooking, you will agree with me that there is nothing more annoying than a dysfunctional knife, right?

Be it blunt, worn out or the wrong type of knife, the fact still remains, it is a major buzz kill. But don’t worry, I got you covered. If you have any of these three knives which I believe are the best knives, your cooking experience will be as smooth as butter.

Chef’s Knife

When I am all clad in my white apron and a toque Blanche, the only thing left for me to feel like a super professional chef is a chef’s knife. You know, large, long, pointed at the edge, the type of knife you wouldn’t let an eight-year-old near.

The beauty of it is that it is an all purpose knife. I can use it to cut meat, vegetables, large fruits, you name it. I also get to feel like a pro while doing it.

Bread Knife

We all have a bread knife. It is the only knife the kids are allowed to touch when they are carelessly spreading butter on their bread before they have breakfast and rush to school.

You can’t really do much with it other than cutting bread, cakes and maybe butter. However, this is on kitchen knife you wouldn’t want to miss. It always comes in handy when you least expect it.

Fruit Knife (Paring knife)

When I need to unwind and watch a program or two while eating a mango, orange or an apple, this is my go-to knife. It is small and easy to handle.

It is the kind of knife you can walk around with without looking dangerous because, even though it is sharp and somehow pointed, it is nothing but a small, harmless fruit knife. It is perfect when dealing with small kitchen ingredients.

How Do You Choose Kitchen Knives?

We are fans of all types of tactical blades and practical knives. But, the knife you’d use the most are the ones in the kitchen. So here are three quick tips on how to pick out an excellent knife set.

Unlike the old days, you have plenty of options of cooking knives set to choose from. You even have the choice of getting them online. No matter how you choose to get your knives, it is better reading some knife set reviews before you get them.

Unless your knife comes with a money back guarantee, you’re stuck with your purchase. It makes so much sense for you to do some homework before you buy something. If you don’t know anyone who own a similar knife set, all you have to work with is what people say about it online.

Anyway, these are the three most important criteria to look for in a good knife set

  • Type Of Knives

If you’re an avid chef, you’ll be better off buying forged knives. Forged knives have hardier and more durable blades due to their high carbon content. Since they are forged, these knives will certainly have a bolster that will prevent accidents in the kitchen.

  • Number Of Pieces

A 14-piece set with steak knives and scissors are ideal if you want a complete set. But, if you have a restricted budget, a three piece knife set would also be enough for the regular home chef. All a cook really needs is a Chef’s knife, a paring knife and a utility knife.

  • Warranty

Many people fail to realise that you can still get a durable knife set at a wallet friendly price. Try to look for a knife set with a lifetime warranty that way you’ll know that you’re set for life. I have tried knives from Cuisinart that come at an insanely low price but offer exceptionally good quality. Have a look at the set here.

Try shopping around for the best bargain and only buy what you really need. Some knives are really worth their high price tags but others get away being overpriced just because they are made by big and well recognized brands. So do your research before you get the right set.

How Do You Choose Ceramic Cookware ?

Now that is a question worth asking! Ceramic cookware is currently THE most popular cookware type in the market, and knowing how to choose a good one is every buyers wish. Today, we’ll be the ones helping you! Remember, the most expensive sets aren’t always the best, and everyone has his/her preferences, as even the sets recommended by chefs aren’t good enough for certain people.

This Is Not A Cookware Review

In this article, we won’t suggest you ceramic cookware sets or a ceramic pan, but inversely, we will tell you a number of factors you should write down on a paper, and then choose a cookware set that meets all the requirements. This way, you’ll not only get a set that you’ll like, but also one that will work well with your cooking experience and style!

How Much Can You Spend On Your Cookware ?

The first and most important thing you need to decide is the budget you have and how much can you spend. The more you spend, the more likely it will be that the product that you will buy will last you a long time, and in rare cases, be passed on to your next generations. If possible, buy a set that costs at the near end of your range, as it is likely to be the best in that budget.

How Many People Do You Cook For ?

The next is to decide what you plan on cooking. If you a person who loves oily things, then getting a ceramic set isn’t for you. However, if you want to only do some searing and slow cooking, then this set is the best choice.

The next but not the least is how many pieces you need. The more there are, the higher the cost. If you aren’t an individual and currently learning the to’s and how’s of cooking, then you should get a set that has a maximum of 8 to 10 pieces. If, however, you are a fan of cooking and are trying out new dishes and varieties every day, then you’ll need extra equipment, so a 14 to 16 piece is good for you.

What Kind Of Cooktop Do You Own ?

The last is the type of stove you are going to cook on. Why is this important? Let me give you an example. If you have an induction cooktop, then you should buy induction cookware sets, as ceramic won’t work on it. If however, you have a gas, glass or ceramic cooktop, then you are good to go. But try not to use ceramic cookware on electrical stoves, as they allow the cookware to prematurely age.

Jot down the factors listed above, and go search the internet with your written preferences. You are sure to find the perfect ceramic cookware set for yourself with this technique!

Ceramic Cookware Is The Way To Go

Ceramic cookware is one hell of an equipment material, as it beats even the all mighty stainless steel and aluminum. How? Why? Today, we are aiming and WILL increase your knowledge about this particular cookware type! In this comprehensive guide, we will try our best to tell you literally everything about this amazing cookware, so without any further ado, let’s start!

What to Cook For a Guy

You may not have one of Benihana’s teppanyaki tables – the flat grill top on which their signature dishes are cooked – at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun! In this episode of Get the Dish, Benihana chef Oscar Briseno shows us how to master the restaurant’s chicken fried rice and demonstrates how a few of the iconic tricks and flourishes are performed. Watch the video to see how the rice is prepared, and then check out our recipe that’s inspired by Benihana’s chicken fried rice.

– by POPSUGAR Food

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What Can You Do With Ground Beef

Take a look in your freezer. You probably see something like a half-gallon or two of ice cream, a bag of frozen peas, and a pound of ground beef. All excellent options, but ice cream and peas aren’t the makings of a great dinner. That’s where ground beef comes in. It cooks up quickly, adds tons of flavor, and is one of the most versatile ingredients you can keep on hand. It’s saved the day (and the dinner) for us more times than we can count.

Transfer the meat to the refrigerator the night before you plan on cooking it, and it’ll be perfectly thawed by the time you get home from work. Then, let your creativity—and these seven ideas—inspire a dinner that will please the whole family.

Master the Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a dinner classic for a reason: It’s easy to make, hearty and filling, and results in some mighty fine leftovers. A few tips on making a meatloaf that satisfies (i.e. isn’t dry): Use stock to flavor and moisten the mixture; drape it with bacon because, well, duh; and glaze it with a doctored-up ketchup sauce. Trust us: Your family will be begging for another helping.

Put It In a Sauce

Okay, so maybe a slowly simmered classic bolognese sauce isn’t the most efficient weeknight dinner you can make. (Although we’re big fans of it for Sunday supper). Still, you can take a few tips from the master recipe for a Tuesday night masterpiece. Toast your spices and seasoning in a dry pan before adding them to the meat and aromatics. Use ground beef with 20% fat for a better flavor and texture. Use red wine to deglaze the pan and scrape up any browned bits into the mix, and, finally, don’t be shy with the garlic. Spoon the finished sauce over cooked rice, mop it up with bread, toss it with pasta, or, if you’re feeling very ambitious, layer it with lasagna.

Make a Kick-Ass Burger

It doesn’t have to be grilling season to make burgers—although that sure does provide a convenient excuse. With a cast-iron pan and a good ventilation system, you can get your burger on any day of the year. But whether you’re grilling or pan-frying, a few rules hold firm. First, don’t pack the patties too tightly. A great burger should never be dense and mealy in texture. Second, make sure to use ground beef with a high fat content. If you can work with a butcher to find a custom-blended burger mix, all the better. If not, buy ground chuck with 20% fat. When grilling, be sure not to press down on the patties with a spatula—that will release the juices onto the coals. If pan-frying, it’s okay; the fat will pool around the burgers, basting them as they cook.

Go For the Stir-Fry

A smokin’ hot pan + ground beef + fiery chiles + chopped veggies + cooked rice = a flavorful dinner that’s ready in minutes. Plus, DIY stir-fry will beat the pants off any takeout order. Start by sautéing garlic and chiles over high heat with a neutral, high smoke-point oil (like vegetable or canola). Add the beef and press down on it with a spoon as it cooks to encourage crisping and browning. Chopping your vegetables in thin pieces will help them cook up in a flash. Finish with soy sauce, fish sauce, hot sauce…any kind of sauce your heart desires.

Make Some Meatballs

There are just about as many ways to cook meatballs are there are cooks. Here are some idea to get your creativity flowing: Mexican-style albóndigas simmered in an ancho chile-sauce; classic Italian meatballs in marinara; Parm-drenched sliders in hoagie rolls; ricotta-stuffed fried meatballs (whoa). Don’t overmix the meat to avoid tough balls, and be generous with the S&P.

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